Championing Sustainability in Large Format Graphics Printing

At Urban Camel, we’re not only printing visuals; we’re printing a greener, more sustainable future for all. Join us in our journey towards creating impactful graphics while preserving the beauty of our world. Together, let’s redefine the way we print, for a brighter tomorrow.

Our Commitment to Sustainability

Innovative Techniques and Materials

We harness the power of innovation to reduce our carbon footprint without compromising quality. Our state-of-the-art printers, like the FLORA XTRA320 UV-G5 and EPSON C-S40610, utilize the latest techniques and UV inks to produce vibrant graphics with minimal waste. These UV inks are not only vivid and durable but also more eco-friendly, as they require less energy and emit fewer harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Eco-Friendly Materials

The materials we choose to work with also reflect our dedication to sustainability. We prioritize using recyclable, biodegradable, and responsibly sourced substrates, ensuring that the lifecycle of our products has a minimal impact on the environment.

Waste Reduction through Precision

Our precision printing technologies, such as PrecisionCore by EPSON, allow us to produce graphics with pinpoint accuracy. This precision minimizes errors and reduces material waste, contributing to a more sustainable production process.

Post-Production Recycling

Our commitment doesn’t end with the final print. We’ve implemented comprehensive post-production recycling methods to ensure that surplus materials and waste are disposed of responsibly. By partnering with specialized recycling facilities, we actively contribute to reducing landfill waste and conserving valuable resources.

Empowering Clients for Sustainability

We believe in partnership and collaboration. That’s why we work closely with our clients to educate them about the sustainability options available and help them make eco-conscious choices that align with their branding and messaging. Through our expertise, we empower our clients to project their values onto sustainable visual solutions.

A Vision for a Greener Future

Our efforts towards sustainability are not just a box to tick – they represent our genuine commitment to being responsible stewards of our planet. As we continue to explore innovative techniques, materials, and collaborations, we envision a future where large format graphics printing thrives in harmony with nature.

Our Commitment to a Sustainable Future

At Urban Camel, we believe that creativity and responsibility can coexist harmoniously. As a leading player in the large format graphics printing industry, we take significant strides to ensure that our operations are not only cutting-edge but also environmentally conscious. We understand the importance of safeguarding our planet for future generations, and our commitment to sustainability drives every aspect of our work

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